118 Vail Loop, Angel Fire NM
118 Vail Loop
Angel Fire NM
Spectacular views overlooking the Moreno Valley! Walk out on the large deck and take in the views or sit in the hot tub overlooking the valley. This home not only has expansive views but also offers 6 bedrooms and 6 ½ baths, including 3 master suites with large walk-in closets. One master with steam shower and another with a jacuzzi tub. Another bedroom has it's own separate 800 ft living area with private bathroom. Open main level living area which showcases grand views from every window, and plenty of room for a large group. A large office on the upper level offers privacy and additional sleeping. The lower level contains a second large living area with a bar, complete with separate refrigerator and dishwasher. Great area for games and informal living. After a day of play in the mountains, step into a 2 tier, 120 inch, sound enhanced home movie theater. Relax and enjoy your favorite movie with all the high quality features. Three fireplaces, two indoor and a third on the deck for year round outdoor living. The two fireplaces inside offer ambiance and secondary heat to the two fully redundant radiant heating systems. There is a full home generator to back up the electric as well as whole home humidifiers. A full fiber/ethernet system streams internet/tv/wifi throughout the home. The oversized 2 car garage provides for plenty of storage and for the large toys (ATVs / plows), they can be stored in the separate unattached garage.

Beds: 6 | Baths: 6.5 | Square Feet: 6,238 | 1.56 Acres

118 Vail Loop – Behind the Walls


The entire house (except for 6th bedroom/living room over garage) is heated via radiant heat, providing a high level of efficiency and comfort of a warm floor, including the main garage. The system is designed to provide redundancy and flexibility.

Redundancy – The system is set up with two separate furnaces -each sized to handle 70% of the entire home load. This was done so that if a furnace has a failure, the home does not lose heat. In fact, directions in the mechanical room show how several vales can be turned to redirect all of the heat through to the remaining furnace…allowing for continued heat and hot water until the furnace in question is repaired. In addition, both spare valves (controlling which areas to send water) and furnace parts are maintained in the mechanical room to allow for rapid response in case of a failure.

Flexibility - There are 9 separate thermostat zones – including 3 zones on the lower floor, 4 on the main floor and two on the upper floor. The two thermostats in the main floor living area and master are smart thermostats that can be both programmed and remotely controlled. By design, every bedroom being on a unique zone, so individual sleeping needs are accommodated.

The 6th bedroom/living area above the garage has an independent baseboard heating mechanism. It was designed so that – if not in use – it can be turned down/off (along with water supply) to function as an above garage area. When desired, it has several baseboard heater with independent thermostats.

Finally, as a precaution in case of a failure when the owners are not in the home, there are heat sensors in the lower level that are connected to the home alarm system. Should the temperature inside the home fall below a preset level, it will trigger an alarm and notify the security company.

Hot Water

Hot water is provided through a 100 gallon storage tank (not a hot water heater) which is next to the furnaces. This provides a more efficient and greater capacity than a hot water heater and allows for hot water to be replaced as quick as it is used – so there is never a shortage of hot water. There is also an attached optional pump which will recirculate water in the pipeline – if desired – to provide near instant hot water.  

Regarding failures, the storage device is a tank and does not have an internal heater….so it has little likelihood of failure. Failures would likely come from a furnace or valve failure which are redundant and addressed above.

Fireplaces / Portable

There are four fireplaces – three gas and one wood. The wood burning fireplace on the main level is a high efficiency Napoleon nz6000 and one of the highest rated fireplaces made. The specifications show it capable of 100,000 BTU and able to heat a 3,000 square foot area. With a large viewing area, it provides both ambience and comfort throughout the winter. The electronic controls allow for the heat generation to be turned up to provide the entire main level, or down to accommodate comfort in the main floor living room

The Kiva-style fireplace in the main master is gas controlled and functionally can quickly warm the bedroom up – ideal for someone who wants a cool sleeping area – but a little warmth when rising in the morning.

The fireplace in the lower living area is gas. It is capable of providing heat to the lower living area as well as ambience.
Finally, there is an outdoor fireplace that is gas. It is a sealed for safety purposes and primarily for ambience.


The home was designed to provide electricity regardless of power outages. The home is equipped with a whole home generator with an automatic cutover switch. After several seconds of no power, the generator automatically kicks in and provides power until 1 minute after utility power is restored, whereupon it switches back and shuts down. The generator is powered from the 1000 gallon propane tank. The system was designed such that no human involvement is needed – both for a matter of convenience and for security in a situation where the house is not occupied all the time. 

The house also has a whole home brown out mechanism installed. This is intended to absorb power company brown outs and/or power surges and lower potential impact to home appliances. Note that this is in addition to Panamax surge protectors on high end electronics in every large screen TV/stereo area. This has/will minimize power surge impact.

Internet / Wifi / Cable

From a technology perspective the house was designed for the 21st century. Internet connectivity is provided through a fiber connection in place with 100 mbps service (up to 1 gbps service is available). Inside the home, every room has ethernet and cable wiring as well as wifi available. If desired, conventional communications (telephone land lines and satellite television) wiring is provided throughout the house. There has been existing phone service and a dish exists on the house exterior – so initiating those services would be minimal.
As a back-up, there is also a digital antenna system which provides over the air network television (about 8 channels), from the Albuquerque broadcast stations.

All of these services are provided through a wiring system which runs cat- 6 wire (ethernet) and cable from the mechanical room to every room in the home. Panels in the mechanical room allow for any external connection (internet/satellite/phone/digital tv) to connect into the system and to broadcast anywhere in the home.
The house currently receives television through internet streaming services without any issues.

Current service is provided through a state of the art quad processing router which controls internet traffic throughout the house along with a large wifi extender on the main level. For the office area, an 8 port hub allows for multiple office equipment connections. The owner will leave all existing connectivity equipment in place to provide for easy transfer.


Both the altitude and the high desert climate result in the need for humidifiers – particularly in bedrooms to adjust for sleeping. It is common for homes to have a portable humidifier in each bedroom. This home was designed eliminate this problem.

There are two large humidistat-controlled humidifiers in the home – one in the mechanical room and one in the attic. These have an automatic feed from the home water source and airducts and return air ducts, similar to those found in traditional forced air heating and air conditioning systems. Two humidistat controllers are found in the main living area and an upper bedroom allow the owners to control the level of humidity throughout the home. The low-mid setting allows the home to remain at a 55-60% constant humidity – a much more comfortable level.

These units are very maintenance free, but any local plumber can service them.

Home Theater

The home is designed with a home theater intended to provide a near theater experience. Like many home theaters, this begins with a high definition (HD) video projected onto a large theater screen. What is unique is the acoustic design to provide enhanced audio quality. This can be easily recognized by simply listening to conversation inside versus outside the room. The fabric walls of the theater will absorb the sound as opposed to traditional home walls which reflect it. Behind the fabric walls are Styrofoam based products which also absorb the sound. Finally, while there are noticeable speakers at the front of the theater, there are numerous speakers built into the walls which provide true surround sound. The result is a far superior acoustic balance than a typical theater room.

The owner will leave all home theater equipment in place with the home.

Remaining TV / Electronics

There are three other large screen TVs which are in the Main living area, the lower living area, and the main level master bedroom. These are all HD systems (main living area is 75inch 4k) and they all have stereo receivers, and dvd players (main living is 4k). There are also high-end Panamax line conditioner/surge protector for all of the equipment. Finally, each of these has built in speaker systems through the walls and ceilings. Owners intend to leave all equipment in place for ease of transfer.

All remaining bedrooms (except for small bedroom on lower level) have TVs in-place with Roku attached wifi. These will remain in home.

Owners will also leave the power conditioner in the office.

Main Residence
It might not have made sense to anyone else. But when we gathered up our family of five (including three, young daughters), and made the trek from the Midwest to northern New Mexico in 2001, we knew we were doing the right thing. We got to raise our girls in the mountains, with nature all around them We found a way of life filled with hiking, skiing and snowshoeing, elk and birds and big blue skies, togetherness laughter and snuggling together by the fire. And we got to build businesses in real estate and construction that help families like ours discover the wilder, more wonderful kind of life.

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